Vince Vargas: REDEFINED

13 February 2018

I Love Us…..

We promised we weren’t going to buy each other anything because… well, we agree that Valentine’s day is just another day… We try to show each other love all year long… we made plans, we got the kids small things... Read More
05 February 2018

What a Real Man Is…

There’s no mold for what a real man is. There’s no perfect description. Nothing set in iron or stone. No mold to conform to. It’s not a mindset. Nor specific character trait. It’s respect for humanity and its many different... Read More
26 January 2018

Being a Dad

As I type this, I can’t help but have an overwhelming sense of regret – and that shitty feeling acts as endless fuel and motivation for me every single day. For many years I was a father, but I wasn’t... Read More
25 January 2018

Hit the Ground Running

Each morning when I was a kid, I’d lace up my sneakers and hit the ground running. My personal creed has always consisted of one goal: When I lace ‘em up in the morning, I want to be excited and... Read More